As a Cleaner4Less franchise, you will offer a variety of dry cleaning and laundry services including wet cleaning and pressing. Cleaner4Less has streamlined and evolved the average dry cleaning operation into a highly efficient and easy to operate business. Our stores offer low cost, same-day cleaning services and only use environmentally friendly solvents.


Our Advantage

Cleaner4Less franchise designed for your profitability

Unlike other discount dry-cleaning franchises that charge as much as 10% gross royalties,  every Cleaner4Less franchise is designed to be as friendly to the bottom-line of the franchisee as possible. Our unique "tiered" royalty system and highly efficient drycleaning methodologies allow you, the franchisee,  to reap the most benefits at the bottom-line immediately after opening your doors. Take a look at our royalty comparison below to see the enormous difference owning a Cleaner4Less franchise can make over time!

Cleaner4Less franchisees benefit from low royalties

As a Cleaner4Less franchise, you will enjoy the benefits of low royalty rates. Total royalty rates (base + advertising) are kept at a minimum to encourage the financial success for all franchisees. At Cleaner4Less we are proud to offer these benefits to all franchisees as part of our long-term strategy for sustainable value creation. Please take a look at the table below for a summary of our royalties and startup capital requirements as compared to a number of industry competitors.

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